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Do I have to empty my cupboards?

You don’t need to empty your cupboards for a pest treatment. With a range of gels and sprays, we are able to safely get into those areas and provide a treatment. If your infestation is severe, emptying the cupboards allows us to be even more thorough, and gives you opportunity to clean some of the things out that are assisting the pest in breeding.

How do I prepare for a pest service?

Depending on the pest population and pest type, there is a few things you can do to help make the treatment more effective. If you have tiled or wooden floors, you can mop before the treatment. This will allow the preparation to easily bond and provide long term residual control. Mopping after the treatment should only occur once the preparation is dry, and has bonded to the surface. If you are having a flea treatment, you should consider having your carpets cleaned beforehand. This removes eggs from the carpet, resulting in a faster, more effective treatment.

Are the treatments safe for my family and pets?

Richards Pest Control makes every effort to provide a great service with a high amount of safety. The preparations used are of a low toxicity to humans and pets. We ask that any food or water that is on the ground for pets be lifted or covered. You do not have to leave your house while the treatment takes place.