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Covid-19 Training

We at Richards Pest Control would like to let everyone know that we are still operating during the government’s latest shut down policies.

All of our technicians have now completed the COVID-19 training for infection control through the Australian Government Department of Health and been issued our Certificate of Accreditation.

We are staying up to date with the latest developments with the COVID-19 virus and implementing measures where required. When out on a job our technicians ensure all due care is taken to ensure the well-being of our customers.

We don’t know how long this shut down will be enforced or if the government will release further measures to try and contain the virus.

What we do know is that by holding off on treatments can end up been quite costly. For example if you hear rodents in your ceiling by ignoring the issue could lead to severe electrical wiring or plumbing damage, or not having a termite inspection or treatment carried out the termites can move throughout your house resulting in a costly repair bill.

During these next coming months if active termites are found during an inspection or you are interested in a termite barrier we can now offer a payment plan as we also understand that unexpected expenses at this time are difficult possible to cover.

For more information please contact our office on 07 5533 9512 or via email at [email protected]