Egg sacs (ootheca) from cockroaches

Health Risks of Roaches in Your Home

Cockroach droppings are a tell-tale sign of roach infestation. Apart from that, they are known carriers of harmful bacteria. The immediate danger is to vulnerable children and people prone to allergies and respiratory illness. Dust containing cockroach proteins can trigger allergies and asthma.

Roaches groom themselves obsessively. But the health risks of roaches remains and their grooming habits have done nothing to elevate the reputation of these household pests beyond an almost universal “Yuk!” response.

Grooming aside, cockroaches can and do carry bacteria around with them. And that isn’t the only reason it’s not a good idea to let roaches establish themselves in our homes.

Like thieves in the night, they scuttle around spreading germs and bacteria in your food preparation areas and where children play. Apart from that, they also leave droppings everywhere they go.

Lee Maddocks is a director at Richards Pest Control, a leading Gold Coast cockroach and pest exterminator since 1955. Lee and his team can quickly identify cockroach infestations from the tell-tale signs, such as their droppings and their egg sacs.

But, as you might well imagine, cockroach droppings around your property is not exactly a healthy state of affairs.

“How bad is it?” says Lee. “Pretty bad! Apart from more common germs, I’ve read that cockroaches can carry polio, typhoid, and even leprosy.

“This would be unlikely in your Gold Coast home or business given that these are rare diseases in modern-day Australia. Nevertheless, it underlines the potential for cockroaches be carriers of harmful bacteria.”

The more immediate danger, Lee says, is to vulnerable children and people prone to allergies and respiratory illness. Cockroaches shed their skins as they grow, and dust containing cockroach proteins can trigger allergies and asthma.

Lee’s team at Richards Pest Control has a winning track record when it comes to dealing with the problem of roaches in Gold Coast homes and businesses.

For general pest treatments this outstanding Gold Coast pest control company provides a 12-month warranty. You’d be covered for spot treatments to deal with the roaches should they return within the warranty period. 

The especially troublesome German cockroach species is excluded from the 12 month warranty. Treatment for this species comes with 3 months warranty, provided you complete any recommended preventative measures.

Don’t waste another minute and phone the friendly team if you want exceptional service, guaranteed results, and your property roach-free.