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Keep your family safe from dangerous spiders…

A “spider spray” – a professional spider control treatment to provide long lasting protection from spiders is very popular on the Gold Coast.

Although spiders in the garden can be beneficial by keeping insect pests at bay, a number of common spiders represent a health threat, especially to children and pets. Of course, many are just simply scared of spiders.

A professional spider treatment once a year will keep web-building spiders at bay for many months – at Richards Pest Control we provide a 12 month warranty.

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Redback Spider

Black house spider

White tail spider

Professional spider treatments from Richards Pest Control

We inspect before we treat

Before we start any spider treatment, we carry out a thorough inspection to make sure we find all the spider webs and hiding places. This is especially important if you have a white tail spider or huntsman problem as they don’t build obvious webs.

During the inspection we will also carry out a risk assessment to make sure we can apply the treatment safely.

Designing a spider control treatment

For web-building spiders, such as redback spiders and black house spiders, we simply carry out a general pest control treatment which will also protect you from a range of other pests and comes with a 12 month warranty.

For running or hunting spiders, such as white tail spiders and huntsman spiders, we need to carry out a specialised spider treatment as these spiders are more difficult to control and we need to find their hiding places (which aren’t obvious). Although we guarantee elimination of the problem, we can’t provide any long term protection warranty (but see our comments in the treatment section below).

Our spider treatments

We carry out a general pest treatment for web-building spiders, but need to carry out a specialised spider treatment for running (hunting spiders).

Web-building spiders

Web-buildings spiders are relatively easy to control as they build webs (so are easy to spot) and generally stay in one place. Our general pest control treatment is designed to deal with these spiders, such as redbacks and black house spiders. We spray the exterior of the building, especially around eaves, doors and windows and any entry points, as well as any sheds, play equipment, outdoor furniture and pool fencing. Inside we will also blow dust into the roof void and spray skirting boards. Our general pest treatments come with a 12 month warranty against web-building spiders.

Running (hunting) spiders

Running spiders such as white tail spiders and huntsman spiders are more difficult to control as they don’t building obvious webs, hiding in small cracks and crevices, and often come in from outside. They walk on the tips of their legs and often don’t stay in one place for long, which means they can sometimes walk across treated surfaces without picking up a lethal dose of insecticide.

Treating for an infestation of white tails or huntsman means finding where they are coming from and treated those hotspots (either with spray or dust). A general pest treatment especially focusing around the exterior perimeter of the home is still important as it will kill insects and web-building spiders, which are the food for hunting spiders. If there is no food around for hunting spiders, they won’t find your home attractive and likely go elsewhere.

Spider bites

If you, your children or your pets get bitten by a spider, calm the bite victim.

If you can identify / take a photo of the spider it will be useful if medical assistance is required.

Following the first aid instructions below (taken from St. John’s Ambulance)

For all spider bites (except funnel web spiders and mouse spiders):

  • Keep the victim is calm (sit them down)
  • Clean the bite area with water and disinfectant
  • Apply ice if the bite area becomes painful
  • Seek medical attention if you are concerned

For a funnel-web spiders, mouse spiders or unknown large black spiders, you should apply the same first aid as you would for a snake bite:

  • Calm the victim and keep them still
  • Immobilise the affected limb
  • Apply a pressure bandage to the limb with the bite
  • Call for medical assistance immediately

How to prevent a spider problem…

There isn’t much you can do to prevent a spider problem, other than getting a spider treatment once a year.

However, there are a few actions you can take to minimise your interaction with spiders:

Minimise vegetation immediately around the perimeter of the home, as this provides plenty of hiding places for insects (spider food!) and spiders
Keep vegetation trimmed back from paths and driveways to minimise garden spiders building their webs across the paths
Keep clothes and sheets off the floor – during the warmer months spiders come inside looking for somewhere cool and the tight spaces between clothes and sheets is just like home! (They typically live in tight spaces under bark or logs).
Check any shoes left outside before putting them on!
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