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Pesticides and Baits May only Reduce Infestations

If you’ve ever gone on a cockroach blitz only to find cockroaches in your kitchen just a few weeks or months later, you may be wondering why they reinfest your home so fast. “A bit of bug spray or some bait traps around the house will probably leave some survivors,” says Mr Maddocks. “They breed, and it’s not long before the numbers recover.”

“We need to know why cockroaches like your home: where they get in and where they hide. Just killing them isn’t enough to keep your home cockroach-free for an extended time. You need a full-scale strategy to keep them at bay. That’s where professional pest controllers like the Richards Pest Control team can help. Forget alarmism, and the team are not going to say customers shouldn’t try controlling cockroaches themselves, but if they’re looking for a real solution and not just a stop-gap, they need professional help.”

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