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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Inspections are comprised of two parts – A Timber Pest Inspection and a Building Inspection. Your Timber pest inspection can be carried out by one of the qualified Richards Pest Control technicians, and we are happy to recommend reputable, licensed and qualified building inspectors on request. The building inspectors we recommend are independent, and will offer you the same high level of service you have come to expect from Richards Pest Control. Pest and Building inspections are a very common part of most real estate contracts, and we can help you get your dream home by offering you the peace of mind of a comprehensive inspection and report.

Our Inspections cover the exterior of the home, Gardens, Fence line, Timber landscaping such as retaining walls, Roof Void, Subfloor, Internal walls ect. We can only inspect these areas if they are accessible.

Once the inspection is complete you will receive Timber Pest Inspection Report via email on the same day. This detailed report will outline all inspected areas, Previous or current termite activity and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of termite attack, Areas of concern including photos outlining these findings.

Our inspections are carried out by a fully trained, licensed and insured inspector and the report provided are in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Termite Protection

If a property does not have a Termite Management System (commonly referred to as a Termite Barrier) it is recommended that one be installed to reduce the risk and/or prevent termite attack.

Studies have estimated that 1 in 4 Australian homes will be attacked by Termites. Standard home insurance policies will not cover damage caused by termite attack so a Termite Barrier is a form of insurance for your home.

Chemical Barriers ( Chemically Treated Zone )

A Chemically Treated Zone involves treating soil around the entire structure to provide a zone that when termites attempt to enter the structure through the treated soil they transfer the chemical back through the attacking colony resulting in elimination.

Where the perimeter is soil, it will be Trenched, Treated and Backfilled. This involves digging a trench down just past the footings of a building (where applicable). The trench is flooded with termiticide as the soil is backfilled into the trench, creating a chemical soil barrier. Where the perimeter is concrete, we Drill and Inject. The Drill and Inject method involves drilling holes through the concrete and injecting termiticide in each hole. The holes are then resealed.

Baiting and Monitoring Systems

Termite bait station systems can be stand alone or in conjunction with a chemical treated zone for extra peace of mind.

In certain circumstances a chemical barrier will not be suitable such as the block type, building design or personal choice with not wanting the termiticide chemical in the ground.

These stations are placed around the property, either around the perimeter of the building every 3 to 5m, or in places where termite foraging or conducive conditions are present. The stations are installed level with the ground or in gardens where possible.

These stations are inspected, by a Richards Pest Control technician every 6 to 8 weeks. If termite activity is detected in the station the timber is replaced with a non-toxic bait. The termites then feed on this highly palatable bait and return it back to the colony, consequently leading to the elimination of the entire colony.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

If you have found active termites or see signs that that may be from termite activity in your home or on your property the first step is Do not disturb the Termites or their workings! This means do not touch the termites, or their workings. Do NOT spray any household chemicals onto the Termites. Avoid unnecessary tapping or vibration.

Call Richards Pest Control to organise a full termite inspection of your property. Once the technician has inspected the property, we will be able to give you advice on treatment options.

The first stage of any Termite treatment should be a thorough inspection of the property in accordance with the Australian Standards.

There are a number of ways to treat active termites and depending on where they have been located and the species of termites found to what the best form of treatment will be.

Colony control treatments are essentially nest destruction techniques. They are used to eliminate active termite nests and colonies, using either a direct method such as liquid treating an active nest with a non-repellent termiticide or via indirect methods such as the use of a toxicant bait, or injection of a termiticide “dust” into the galleries where the termites are currently working. Both methods rely on a “transfer effect” to eliminate the nests, but work in different ways.

All methods rely on the social relationships and grooming habits of the termites transferring the active ingredient back to the nest. Colony Control techniques take a matter of time to work, depending on the time of year, and the species of termite, location, and the system and product used. There is generally a noticeable change within a couple of weeks, but in some instances, it can take several months. During this time, it is important that there is no disturbance to the bait, or treated area, to allow maximum transfer back to the nest.

Termite Inspections

A Termite Inspection is an inspection of your home or premises, focusing on termites, in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3660.2. This inspection does not include other timber pests, but is the most common inspection done, as termites are the biggest ongoing threat to your Property.

Our Inspectors are qualified and experienced Timber Pest technicians. It is strongly recommended that an inspection is conducted at least annually, and in high risk situations, the period may need to be reduced to biannual inspections. Termites cause millions of dollars of damage in Australia, every year!

A Termite inspection is a thorough visual inspection of the exterior of the home, Gardens, Fence line, Timber landscaping such as retaining walls, Roof Void, Subfloor, Internal walls ect. We can only inspect these areas if they are accessible.

Once the inspection is complete you will receive your Termite Inspection Report via email on the same day. This Report will contain information including:

  • Termite damage and location
  • Termite activity and location
  • Identification of termite species
  • Potential risks conducive to termite infestation
  • Information relating to termites
  • Tips on reducing the possibility of a termite infestation on your home
  • Photos indicating areas of concern found during the inspection

Inspections are performed using equipment that includes sounding equipment, moisture meters, listening devices, and thermal imaging cameras. Depending on the size and nature of the home, expect our technician(s) to take between 1 and 2 hours to complete the inspection. Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you have about the inspection and the report, and are always just a phone call away.

Rodent Treatment

The first stage of an effective Rodent Treatment is our technician will inspect the site to identify evidence of rodent activity.

We have various solutions depending on the situation or level of infestation. These range from a simple roof void baiting through to the installation of lockable rodent stations close by harbourage areas and entry points.

Whether you have a rodent problem or are looking to prevent a rodent infestation we are able to offer an affordable solution for your requirements.

Commercial Pest Control

Richards Pest Control can provide a range of Commercial Pest Treatments to suit your needs.

All of our technicians are fully licensed and qualified to provide tailored pest treatments to commercial properties to meet the particular standards for your industry to provide a safe environment for both employees and clients.

We service Body Corporates, Warehouses, Office buildings, Medical Centres, Schools, Restaurants, Cafes along with many other industries.

Our aim is to build a relationship with our client by offering a tailored Pest Management Plan specifically for your business and to comply with Government regulations leaving you with peace of mind.

Urban Pest Management

Richards Pest Control can provide a range of Pest Treatments to suit your needs. From an internal and external general pest treatment for a range of pests down to specific pests or locations you would like our technician to target.

Our general pest treatment targets Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and Silverfish.

For a complete pest treatment our technician will treat the following areas:

  • Internal perimeter and skirting boards and floors including garage
  • Roof void ( if applicable )
  • External walls, eaves, window seals, downpipes ect
  • Driveway and footpath edging
  • Harbourage areas in gardens
  • Direct treatment to active ant trails

If a complete internal and external treatment is done we offer a 12 month service period to cover the client if problem pests return. The treatment will not eliminate every single ant and cockroach from your home, However it will eliminate problem pests other than the odd one that makes it past the treated zone.