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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections


Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Inspections are comprised of two parts – A Timber Pest Inspection and a Building Inspection. Your Timber pest inspection can be carried out by one of the qualified Richards Pest Control technicians, and we are happy to recommend reputable, licensed and qualified building inspectors on request. The building inspectors we recommend are independent, and will offer you the same high level of service you have come to expect from Richards Pest Control. Pest and Building inspections are a very common part of most real estate contracts, and we can help you get your dream home by offering you the peace of mind of a comprehensive inspection and report.

Our Inspections cover the exterior of the home, Gardens, Fence line, Timber landscaping such as retaining walls, Roof Void, Subfloor, Internal walls ect. We can only inspect these areas if they are accessible.

Once the inspection is complete you will receive Timber Pest Inspection Report via email on the same day. This detailed report will outline all inspected areas, Previous or current termite activity and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of termite attack, Areas of concern including photos outlining these findings.

Our inspections are carried out by a fully trained, licensed and insured inspector and the report provided are in accordance with the Australian Standards.