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Termite Protection


Termite Protection

If a property does not have a Termite Management System (commonly referred to as a Termite Barrier) it is recommended that one be installed to reduce the risk and/or prevent termite attack.

Studies have estimated that 1 in 4 Australian homes will be attacked by Termites. Standard home insurance policies will not cover damage caused by termite attack so a Termite Barrier is a form of insurance for your home.

Chemical Barriers ( Chemically Treated Zone )

A Chemically Treated Zone involves treating soil around the entire structure to provide a zone that when termites attempt to enter the structure through the treated soil they transfer the chemical back through the attacking colony resulting in elimination.

Where the perimeter is soil, it will be Trenched, Treated and Backfilled. This involves digging a trench down just past the footings of a building (where applicable). The trench is flooded with termiticide as the soil is backfilled into the trench, creating a chemical soil barrier. Where the perimeter is concrete, we Drill and Inject. The Drill and Inject method involves drilling holes through the concrete and injecting termiticide in each hole. The holes are then resealed.

Baiting and Monitoring Systems

Termite bait station systems can be stand alone or in conjunction with a chemical treated zone for extra peace of mind.

In certain circumstances a chemical barrier will not be suitable such as the block type, building design or personal choice with not wanting the termiticide chemical in the ground.

These stations are placed around the property, either around the perimeter of the building every 3 to 5m, or in places where termite foraging or conducive conditions are present. The stations are installed level with the ground or in gardens where possible.

These stations are inspected, by a Richards Pest Control technician every 6 to 8 weeks. If termite activity is detected in the station the timber is replaced with a non-toxic bait. The termites then feed on this highly palatable bait and return it back to the colony, consequently leading to the elimination of the entire colony.