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When to Call for Help From a Pest Control Expert

Completely getting rid of an established bedbug population is a tricky business ...

Getting rid of an established bedbug population completely is a tricky business. The professional experience of your pest control expert will be useful and their knowledge can help you understand the predicament you might find yourself in.

“They move into the sneakiest spots – even behind wallpaper,” says Lee Maddocks from Richards Pest Control.

“There is also the problem of eggs laying dormant until the right conditions come along. A lot of people think they have their bedbug problem under control, only to find it returns to haunt them a short time later.”

With bedbugs, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that bedbugs don’t carry disease. The bad news includes the problem of getting rid of them, as well as the fact that they will leave you itching from their bites and you will most likely have your sleep disturbed by them.

Spraying affected areas with store-bought pesticide will achieve little. These bugs are determined critters and will live to fight another day.

If you’ve done everything you can to control the bedbugs but they keep coming back, it’s time to get professional help to win the battle of the bugs.

“It’s a process, rather than an event. We follow up to make sure we’ve really got them.

“And, in the end,” says Mr Maddocks, “we always win.”

Visit the best pest control in Gold Coast & Tweed Control for more information on ridding your home of unwanted guests, including bedbugs. Or to learn more about how Richards Pest Control can keep your home pest free, call Lee Maddocks and his team on (07) 5533 9512 for a no obligation quote.