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Since 1955, Richards Pest Control has established a reputation throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads areas for guaranteed and cost-effective pest control.

Australian family owned and operated, we provide homeowners and businesses in Mudgeeraba with a full range of pest control and termite services.

If your property needs pest control using the latest technology and products, together with quality customer service, all it takes is one call to Richards Pest Control.

Pest Control Mudgeeraba – Our Key Services

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Pest Control

Termite Inspections

Termite Treatments

The most common pest control requests from property owners in Mudgeeraba include general pest control services, termite inspections, and termite treatments. Occasionally, a specific pest problem or infestation may require one of our specialist pest control services.

Why Choose Richards Pest Control?

Richards Pest Control has been providing pest control and termite management services across the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales since 1955. 

Australian family owned and operated, we owe our success as the leading Gold Coast pest control company to our insistence on using the best products and strategies, as well as hiring the best pest control technicians. And we hold true to our tagline: Old Fashioned Service, Latest Technology.
  • We work closely with our clients and will tailor our services to your needs. With Richards Pest Control, you’ll enjoy the best service and customer care.
  • Our technicians keep their knowledge up to date by attending regular training. Combined with the use of the latest in pest control technologies, exceptional results are guaranteed.
Full range of pest control and termite services
12-month warranty (service free period) on residential pest control treatments
Residential and commercial pest control services
Local, family owned company
Head office in Coomera – technicians across the Gold Coast
Fully licensed and insured
Enduring quality – founded in 1955!

What Our Clients Say

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Camille Lagana
Camille Lagana
The team at Richard's Pest Control were great to use. The booking process was prompt, Brett arrived on time and did a very thorough job. We would definitely recommend booking them.
Alicia Allport
Alicia Allport
I had a really good experience! Lee answered all of my questions and made sure I had a good understanding of the step by steps. Not only proving a good service but also educating his customers. I can’t thank you enough. I was also away, so to see the invoice in so much detail was really good! Saved me calling in when your spouse doesn’t remember the important parts ???? thank you to you and your team, amazing!
Clayton Barnard
Clayton Barnard
Great service and on time. Was very thorough with the treatment. Brett was great and paid good attention to our belongings and was very thorough with everything! Highly recommend.
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
Brett has done a pest spray at our house a couple of times. He always does a very thorough job and is very informative. Highly recommend Brett and Richards Pest Control!
Chris Stevenson
Chris Stevenson
Brett is fantastic. Knows what he is doing and sorts out potential issues (green ants this visit) upfront and communicates well. An absolute professional and gem!
Katrinkie G
Katrinkie G
It was my first time to use Richards Pest Control for pest treatment and termite inspection and they did not disappoint me! Brett did an amazing job and was very thorough and knowledgeable, taking time to answer all my questions and concerns. He goes above and beyond and removed the wasps nest in my garden. I will definitely use their service again for my annual pest treatment.
lynn turner
lynn turner
Brett sprayed our premises both inside and out. He is very thorough which is why we have him back every year. We highly recommend his services is polite and friendly and keeps on top of those bugs
good service~
mile sokoleski
mile sokoleski
Great service once again, timley reminder to resparay. Brett was really good took his time to explain all our questions, higley recommend ????????

Termite Inspection Mudgeeraba

Mudgeeraba is a termite hotspot with warm, humid conditions that are ideal for termites. The surrounding bush is host to a ready supply of new termite queens looking to start a new nest.

Termites can cause substantial damage in as little as 6 months. Mudgeeraba property owners are well-advised to schedule termite inspections at least once a year. These inspections will detect the presence of termites, areas of termite damage, and conditions around the property that would increase the likelihood of termite attacks.

Thermal imaging cameras are used by the experienced termite inspectors at Richards Pest Control. This means you get an exhaustive termite inspection, complete with a multi-page report containing detailed information and photos. You will also receive professional recommendations to help protect your property from termites.

Termite Treatment Mudgeeraba

Termite treatment from Richards Pest Control guarantees termite elimination, as well as lasting protection from termite attack.

Newer homes have a level of termite protection built in during construction but over the years, this protection can become unreliable. The property would then have insufficient termite protection like many older homes in Mudgeeraba. To prevent termite attack, it would be advisable to install a termite management system around the building perimeter.

Termite management systems are available in two forms:

  • Termiticide treatments to the soil around (and under) the building
  • Termite monitoring and baiting system installed around the building perimeter

The best system for your property would be determined based on the building’s construction and the soil composition at your property. Once installed, annual termite inspections are essential to check the system has not been compromised and in order to maintain a warranty.

Common Pests in Mudgeeraba

Termites are the number one concern for property owners in Mudgeeraba. Infestations have been recorded in the Gold Coast Hinterland of the great northern termite (which is normally only found in the tropical north). This species is twice the size of regular termites and they can demolish a home in as little as 6 months!

Other common pests include:

Spiders are often a problem between Spring and Autumn and we receive many calls for spider sprays to keep them at bay.

Ants are also a major pest inside and outside the home. In particular, funnel ants can cause problems in lawns. Mudgeeraba is included in fire ant biosecurity zoning.

Mosquitoes are also are a problem, especially near the creeks. Rodents become a problem during winter when they enter buildings in search of warmth and shelter.

5 Interesting Facts about Mudgeeraba

Historic Village

Mudgeeraba is a suburb in the Gold Coast Hinterland known for its rich history and its village-like atmosphere. European settlers moved into the area in the 1870s, engaging in farming and timber felling. Mudgeeraba has preserved many of its heritage buildings, including the Mudgeeraba Heritage Centre, which houses displays and exhibitions that provide insights into the area’s colourful history.

Banner image credit: Steve Dalton by CC BY-SA 4.0