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Ants are annoying! Not only can they invade your home, but they can dig up dirt between pavers, make a mess of your lawn and sometimes give you a nasty sting!

It’s difficult for homeowners to eliminate an ant problem and get lasting ant control as it takes a lot of expertise and specialist ant products to do the job.

Richards Pest Control are ant control specialists and provide a range of professional ant treatments, to deal with any ant problem.

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Ants digging up dirt between pavers

Ants in pavers

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Funnel ants in lawns

Professional ant treatments from Richards Pest Control

We inspect before we treat

Before we start any ant treatment, we carry out a thorough inspection to make sure we can identify the ant species present, identify potential nesting sites and if the problem is inside the home, locate the entry points.

When we do our inspection we also carry out a risk assessment (safety checks, such as are there any children or pets around), to make sure it is safe to carry out a treatment.

Designing an ant control program

We use the information from our inspection to design a suitable ant treatment. The ant species, the level of infestation and the location of the problem will all influence the types of products we will use.

Our ant treatments

We use a combination of special ant sprays, ant baits and dusts to treat the various areas around your home and yard. The products we use will depend on the type of ant present and the nature of the problem. With our ant treatments we guarantee keeping the inside of your home free from ants for 12 months.

Indoor ant treatments

For ants causing a problem indoors it’s important for us to determine whether the ants are nesting inside somewhere (inside the walls or roof void) or are coming in from outside. Inside the home we will often blow dust into the roof void or use ant baits, especially in the kitchen. If the ants are coming in from outside, we will typically spray around the perimeter of the home, particularly targeting around windows, doors, cracks and crevices.

Outdoor ant treatments

For ant problems around the perimeter of buildings we typically carry out a board spray to all surfaces using a specialist ant product. This product can’t be detected by the ants (which is a good thing!), which means they walk over the treated surfaces and pick up the insecticide. They can also transfer the insecticide to their nest mates when they contact each other, magnifying the effect.

Ants in pavers

Big headed ants (also called coastal brown ants) are a common problem on the Gold Coast, digging up dirt under pavers and driveways as they build their nests. We spray into the gaps between the pavers to kill any ants present and provide long term protection – ants won’t re-invade for many months.

Ants in lawns

For any ants in lawns causing problems we apply targeted spray treatments to the nests to ensure the nests are eliminated. Typically lawn ant problems are caused by stinging ants, such as the green head ant, or funnel ants.

Funnel ants

Funnel ant infestations can cause significant damage to lawns, which can damage equipment, cause injury and devalue property prices. To eliminate funnel ants we need to treat every nest, so the bigger the lawn the more significant the treatment. Although we guarantee eliminating all the nests, it is always possible that the ants can re-invade from neighbouring properties. As such after the initial treatment, spot treatments may be required each year.

Our ant treatments

Ant baits contain an attractive food material and slow acting insecticide. We choose the right ant bait for the species present, as different ant species can have different food preferences. The ants take the bait back to the nest where it is fed to their nest mates and the queen. As the insecticides is slow acting, the ants spread the bait throughout the colony before they realise anything is wrong. It’s important to kill the queen as that ensures the death of the colony (no queen = no eggs!). Ant baits start to have an impact within 24 hours but it can take a week or more to completely kill the nest.

Fire Ant Treatments

Richards Pest Control a fully accredited to carry out fire ant treatments as per QLD Government guidelines. If you suspect you have fire ants, please give us a call. We will inspect your property, treat any nests we see and provide a baiting treatment to take care of any small nests which may not be visible. We will also complete all the reporting requirements required by the Government on your behalf.

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More information from the National Fire Ant Eradication Program.

red imported fire ant
fire ant nest

Tips to prevent an ant problem

There’s not much you can do to prevent ant problems outside your home (apart from having an ant treatment). However, there are a number of actions you can take to reduce the chances of ants coming inside…

Fill any cracks around windows, doors and utility pipes to prevent ants entering the building.
Keep the kitchen and food areas clean – clean up any spilled food
Make sure food, including pet food, is stored in sealed containers with well-fitted lids
Rubbish should be put in sealed bags before placing in the bin
Don’t leave pet food bowls out (especially with food in!)
Fix any leaking taps or pipework (ants will often come inside looking for moisture)
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