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Termite treatment to protect your Gold Coast property

Termite treatment at your Gold Coast or Tweed Heads property is a must. And it’s important for you to find an experienced termite treatment company that is fully licensed and insured. Even better if your termite treatment company provides guaranteed results.

A termite attack can be a very stressful, but there’s no need for panic. 

If you’ve discovered termites at your Gold Coast property just give us a call. In quick time, we will be able to determine the nature of the problem and talk through the options with you. 

At Richards Pest Control we don’t always use the same products. We will design the best termite treatment for your particular situation, to guarantee termite elimination from your home and provide lasting protection.

More information about termites on the Gold Coast


If you think you have found termites, after the initial discovery, do not disturb them further.

Don’t spray them with insecticides (this only kills a few termites)
Don’t break open wood / mud tubes to investigate

Disturbing them or spraying them may temporarily scare them from the area. This makes it more difficult to identify the species and determine the extent of the problem. The termites may also take their activity to a new, hidden area. This would contribute to making it more difficult to control the termite infestation.

If you’re worried you might have termites just give Richards Pest Control a call and we’ll be around to investigate.

Termite Treatment Gold Coast – The Process

There is a formal process for carrying out a termite treatment on the Gold Coast in compliance with Australian Standards 3660.2 and industry insurance policies. There are 4 steps to the process:


Formal Termite Inspection

Even if the termite inspector has carried out a quick ‘inspection’ in order to provide a quote (termite treatment proposal), it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive Formal Termite Inspection before starting the treatment.

Not only does this provide a formal record of the pre-treatment situation, but it also records the levels of activity, areas of activity and potential termite entry points – all vital information for ensuring the correct treatment is applied. It also provides detailed information for an after treatment comparison to confirm the termites have been eradicated.


Termite Treatment Plan

Every situation on the Gold Coast is different – house construction, type of termite species, amount of termite activity, soil type and environmental conditions, all impact the treatment strategy. If more than one treatment option is suitable, the various options will be detailed in the quote. We will discuss these options with you to make sure you understand the pros and cons, before making a decision.


Eliminate Active Termites from the Building

The agreed option will be detailed in the termite treatment proposal. This is a formal document which needs to be signed before starting work.

The first step in eliminating active termites from a building is to attempt to locate and destroy any termite nest on the property. However, this is not always possible as they can be hidden, or on a neighbouring property. If we find a nest, we will treat it directly with insecticide. However, it’s important to also tackle active termites in the building since there is no way of knowing whether any nest found is the same nest responsible for attacking the building or indeed, whether there may be more than one nest attacking the building. 


Install a Termite Management System for Long Lasting Protection

After we confirm that active termites have been eliminated from the building, it’s necessary to install a termite management system around the perimeter of the building to prevent future termite attack. There are two types of termite management systems for treating termites on the Gold Coast: termiticide soil treatments, and termite monitoring and baiting systems.

Termite Treatment Products

Richards Pest Control is accredited to apply a wide range of termite control products. This allows us to make the best recommendation for your particular situation. However, all things being equal, on the Gold Coast we prefer to use termite baiting systems as they offer 3 key advantages:

  1. They are the only proven technique to consistently eliminate termite colonies
  2. They are not washed away by heavy rain or floods
  3. They have a great safety and environmental profile

Termite Control Products

Termite Management Systems

For Termite Treatment on the Gold Coast with the latest technology call the experts at Richards Pest Control