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Protect your home and family from pests…

Richards Pest Control provides a full range of pest control treatments and termite management services to homeowners and businesses across the Gold Coast.

For most of our residential customers, a general pest treatment once a year will keep their home pest-free. Homeowners often combine their pest treatment with a termite inspection to protect their home and family while taking advantage of significant savings.

For exceptional service and guaranteed pest control results, please give us a call.

12 month warranty on general pest treatments

General Pest Control Treatment

For a general pest treatment to eliminate the common pest problems and keep them away for many months, a general pest control treatment is the way to go. Some people call this a “pest spray”, but it’s much more than that…

  • Pests Covered: Ants, cockroaches (excluding German cockroaches), spiders and silverfish
  • Areas treated: 
    • Outside of the building, including doors, windows, other entry points and eaves
    • Other outdoor areas: garages, verandas, sheds, outdoor furniture, play equipment, fence lines and letterboxes
    • Roof void, wall voids and sub-floor (if present)
    • Every room internally, including skirtings, architraves, cornices and under kitchen appliances
  • Products used: 
    • sprays to the outside areas
    • powders in the roof void and to the wall voids (through weepholes)
    • spot treatments to cracks and crevices with spray, dust and gel baits as required
Pest control being sprayed to Gold Coast building exterior

Comprehensive spray around the external perimeter

Pest control being sprayed inside Gold Coast home

Spot treatments inside the home

Pest control in the form of insecticide powder is used in roof voids, Gold Coast home

Roof voids are treated
with insecticide powder

For specific ant or German cockroach problems a specialist treatment is required, which can be an add-on to a general pest treatment.

At Richards Pest Control we always think safety first.

Before we do any treatment, we discuss any concerns you may have and inspect the property for potential risks. We only use products with the best safety profiles and only apply products where necessary (we don’t spray everything until it is dripping!). However, it is important to keep children and pets out of treatment areas during application and until any treatment has dried. 

If you have a serious infestation of a particular pest it is often a better option for us to carry out a specialised pest treatment to get on top of the problem.

Specialised pest control treatments

Richards Pest Control provide a range of specialised pest control treatments.

What should you do before, during and after a pest control treatment?

To make sure we can safely apply a complete pest control treatment and to ensure it lasts as long as possible, there are a few things you can do to help… 

How to prevent a pest infestation…

… and ensure any treatment lasts for as long as possible:

12 month warranty on general pest treatments