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Termite Inspections Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

If you’re worried you might have termites or need to book your annual termite inspection, call the termite experts at Richards Pest Control.

We take our time to carry out a professional termite inspection using the latest technology, giving you the confidence we won’t miss a thing! With our comprehensive multi-page report with photos, you’ll have a detailed record of the termite status of your property and a clear action plan of actions to take.

Richards Pest Control are experienced, fully licensed and insured to carry out all aspects of termite management, so you can have confidence that you will be receiving a termite inspection you can trust.


If you think you have found termites, don’t disturb them further after the initial discovery:

Don’t spray them with insecticides (this only kills a few termites)
Don’t break open wood / mud tubes to investigate

Disturbing them or spraying them may temporarily scare them from the area making it more difficult to identify the species, determine the extent of the problem and they may also re-appear in a new, hidden area. All of which makes them more difficult to control.

If you’re worried you might have termites just give Richards Pest Control a call and we’ll be around to investigate.

Termite inspections – All you need to know

All termite inspections should be carried out according to Australian Standards AS3660. Richards Pest Control exceed the requirement of these standards by using a thermal imaging camera in every inspection to ensure we investigate every suspect area.

The purpose of a termite inspection is to answer three key questions:

  1. Is there any termite damage to the building or structural elements?
  2. Are there any active termites on your property (building, out-buildings and yard)?
  3. Are there any building faults or conditions around the property that could make your house more likely to come under termite attack?

Termite inspections are visual inspections

It’s important to understand that formal termite inspections are visual inspections. According to the standards and industry insurance requirements, the inspections can only be a visual assessment of the property – the inspector is not allowed to move furniture or dig into wood or areas of concern.

It is important therefore, that before we arrive to carry out the inspection, that any furniture or stored goods should be pulled away from walls that need to be inspected, but especially that there is safe and clear access to all areas, including the roof void and sub-floor (if present).

At Richards Pest Control, we will however use our thermal camera when necessary, to further investigate areas of concern. 

If we do identify an area that needs further investigate, we may recommend that an invasive inspection is carried out. This may include moving items and cutting holes in walls and floors to investigate potential termite activity. However, we would need to get approval for this additional inspection.

What areas of your property do we inspect?

  • Outside the building
    • Exterior of the home and any perimeter garden beds
    • Gutters, downpipes, hot water tanks, air-conditioning units, and taps
    • Areas of the property within 50m of the main building, including garden beds, trees, tree stumps, fencing, retaining walls, pergolas, sheds and carports
  • Inside the home
    • All interior rooms of your home (include the garage)  
    • Roof void
    • Sub-floor (if you have one)

Termite inspection equipment

Richards Pest Control termite inspectors are very experienced in “sniffing out” termites. Their eyes and experience are their greatest assets. However, they also use a variety of equipment to help detect termite activity and excess moisture levels:

  • Donger: a tapping device for sounding wood construction elements for damage
  • Moisture metre: for finding leaks and potential areas of termite activity
  • Flir thermal imaging camera: which can be used for finding nests or areas of high termite activity behind walls.
Flir Thermal imaging camera

How long does a termite inspection take?

The length of time to carry out a termite inspection depends on a number of factors:

  • Size of the building / number of rooms to inspect
  • Construction type (e.g., Does it have a sub-floor?)
  • Size of the property (land around the main building)
  • Number of features on the property (e.g., Each tree needs to be inspected)
  • Whether any issues are found during the inspection

We will ask a number of questions at the time of booking to make sure we allow enough time for the inspection. As a guide, a termite inspection on an average sized home on a concrete slab will take around 1.5-2 hours. If you are phoning around for quotes, asking how long the inspection will take will help you understand if you are dealing with a reputable company.

Termite inspection report

The termite inspection reports are comprehensive multi-page reports with supporting photos. Although it does have a lot of legal items included from an insurance point of view, it’s important you read and fully understand the inspection report, as it details all the findings and any actions you must take. We are always happy to discuss the reports to make sure you understand the key points.

The report will always detail:

  • Any termite activity (species, location, extent of activity)
  • Termite damage (location and severity)
  • Conditions that may make a termite attack more likely
    • Identified construction faults
    • Favourable environmental conditions 
  • Whether a termite management system is already in place and their current condition
  • The risk of ongoing and future termite attack
  • A recommended termite management plan to eliminate any current infestation and provide long lasting termite protection

How often should are termite inspections required?

Governments, building authorities and the Australian Standards, state that residential buildings should be inspected for termites at least once a year, but more frequently in areas of high termite pressure. On the Gold Coast, where there is high termite pressure all year round, inspections are recommended every 6 months, if no termite protection is in place. If the house does have a termite management system is installed, annual termite inspections are sufficient. Indeed, annual termite inspections are required to maintain your warranty on any termite protection or termite treatment on your house.


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Susan White
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Xinbo Li
Lee from Richards Pest control provided me with great communication via email including very informative quote, satisfactory answers to my questions asked as well as courtesy reminder via email and SMS. Hayden from Richards Pest control is a nice and hardworking gentleman who delivered fabulous pest control service in our house, including general pest treatment, termite inspection and rodent inspection and baiting. Hayden went into detail and answered all questions I asked and advised me of the issues he identified inside and outside of our house which can potentially attract termites and other pests and his proposed solution to fix up those issues. Moreover, Hayden helped us solved the mystery in our garage, which turned out to be Gecko poop rather than rodent droppings. Overall speaking, great service from Richards Pest control, punctual, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient professionals. I highly recommend this pest control company.
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Raymond Oakey
Great service. Brett is curtious and efficient. A wealth of bug knowledge. Been using Richards for years and couldn't be happier.
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Emma S
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Lisa Jones
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Rebecca Mills
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Audrey Fox
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Sean Daly
Sean Daly
Lee and Team are so thorough and ultra professional in everything they do. Their after care service was second to none - took 30 minutes out of their day to explain termite barrier treatment options and cost to us. Reviewed another company’s work and responded with a comprehensive email after work hours to give us confidence with house purchase. Would definitely recommend! Would recommend
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